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The other day on my Twitter I had received a request from this artist named Naomi. NaomiMusicUK Curious and interested to find out sbout her style and music.

I heard and watched her youtube channel and communicated with her twitter.

I had mentioned that I was going to find out about her and I was going to add a article and her music on my website MAGUZAN.COM



This voice is Noami's who is a rising star. 19 year old Singer/Songwriter Naomi in UK.

Keep on eye and ears on her music. We should all invite her to Canada.

Below is the newest release:

Naomi - Rivers Run

Below is a randition of: Because The Night (Patti Smith Cover)

Naomi - Because The Night (Patti Smith Cover)

Below are links to buy and follow and "like"her Facebook Page.

http://www.naomimusic.co.uk https://twitter.com/naomimusicuk https://www.facebook.com/naomimusicuk https://soundcloud.com/naomimusicuk

Special thanks Youtube / Naomimusic.co.uk

#NaomiMusicUK #naomi #RiversRun #NaomiRiversRun #maguzan #maguzanphotography #angeloneriphoyographer

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