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Teddy Joseph also known as: "The Insider"

Teddy Joseph is a Haitian Origins and grew up in Montreal.PHOTO BY;aNGELO nERI pHOTOGRAPHY / &

  • His a Hip Hop / Rapper / Model. I had asked him why he named this song " 17"? He replied me that"17" is a metaphoric way of positioning a state of mind of determination.

If you can imagine the passion of a teenager with all those things that keep them going.

He told me in his words,"A teenager with a passion thinks, you'll notice how relentless that teenager will be. A teenager doesn't care about boundaries.

  • 17 yeas old is the last age before turning 18 and obtaining legal emancipation, and a 17 year old kid craves for that liberty of running things himself.

  • Therefore it's a way for me to tell my audience how I feel towards my goals.

  • To tell my audience,I got back to those feelings,I had 11 years ago when i was really 17 and not caring about how hard this music dream and committment is or gets.

  • I still go out there and do it and spread those lyrics and hopefully transmit the message."

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